About Us

Welcome to Latter Day Sister!

Our exclusive and unique product offers a REVERSIBLE skirt that provides a two-in-one product; Pack 4 skirts, get 8! Pack 5, get 10!  Saving space and increasing your wardrobe options has never been easier!

Designed to meet the standards of attractive, professionally tailored and modest missionary clothing design.

Everyone here at Latter Day Sister Missionary loves creating fun and economical reversible skirts that every sister missionary can enjoy!

Having sent 3 young men into the mission field for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints these past 4 years, I am familiar with the challenges young missionaries encounter in their preparations to go to unfamiliar places and serve the Lord. Latter-day Sister Missionary addresses the challenge sister missionaries have of finding the appropriate clothing, and then fitting it into the required sized luggage.

Several months ago while preparing my latest son I met a mother here in Utah from out of state. She and her daughter had traveled here a few days before entering the MTC in Provo because they were unable to find the needed appropriate clothing near her home. They had thought that Utah would offer a wide variety of modest clothing since, well, it is Utah after all. Unfortunately, even here in Utah, a wide variety of fashionable, modest clothing is difficult to find.

I have been sewing and designing clothing since I was 12 years old, including altering prom and wedding dresses to make them meet modest standards. My lifelong dream has always been to design a clothing line. I have determined that I can realize my dream and serve young missionary sisters by creating a clothing line especially made with the sister missionary in mind.

I established a team and we set to work making dozens of prototypes, talking to every returned sister missionary we could find, and reviewing every challenge. What we heard is, “zippers break, buttons fall off. We gain/lose weight throughout our mission, and at times the clothes just don’t fit. Sister missionary clothes are so unattractive, so uncomfortable, we get bored with the 5 or 6 basics we’ve been instructed to bring.” This list goes on. What resulted from this was incredible.

We have come up with a soon to be patented design where every skirt is reversible. There’s something fun and colorful on one side and something basic on the other. The same number of skirts you are already packing doubles in options! We’ve created a super comfortable stretch waistband that is as darling as it is functional. The length is adjustable to allow for maximum comfort while walking and riding a bike. We are so excited to share this design with today’s sister missionaries! We know you will fall in love with it! We have!

Our mission is to create exceptional fashion to serve you while you serve your mission!